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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Keeping A Low Maintenance Rental in San Fernando Valley

Happy San Fernando Valley Tenant in a Low-Maintenance Rental KitchenAs a San Fernando Valley rental property owner, one of the right things you can do to ensure that your real estate investments are profitable is to make them as low-maintenance as possible. There are numerous low cost and practical options to reach a low-maintenance rental property. If you think that you are spending too much time and money on property maintenance, these methodologies may help.

The easiest way to owning a low-maintenance rental is to ensure that you chose the best materials for your property. Low maintenance is not the same as low quality. Several quality materials are more durable and easier to keep clean than the cheaper, low-grade type. Flooring is one spot where this is particularly valid. For low-maintenance floors that preserve their appeal for many years, competent property owners often choose tile or vinyl. Tile and vinyl both work well in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and other high-traffic areas. And all of them are easy to keep clean.

Countertops are another place where the right materials can make a big difference. To get the best value that is easy to clean and won’t fade or peel over time, rental property owners often choose quality solid surface countertops for their kitchen and bathrooms. There are multiple reasonable kinds of solid surface countertops, offering a significant variability of colors and styles. You can also get the look of more expensive granite without the price or concern that your tenants will damage the natural stone with harsh cleaners. For countertops and flooring, it is best to choose mid-grade materials that will offer durability and value.

Another great strategy to minimize maintenance in your rental’s interiors is to paint the walls with the best quality semi-gloss paint. Unlike flat paint, which can be hard to clean and may stain quickly, semi-gloss or even gloss paint seems to hold up a lot to heavy wear. A good alternative is to use glossy paint in the kitchen to make those walls stain-resistant. It would be even more perfect if you were to consider adding a backsplash behind appliances and counters. A backsplash is even easier to clean than a painted wall and will mitigate the quantity of re-painting you’ll need to do between tenants.

As you’re preparing your renovations, do not forget about low-maintenance lighting alternatives. Pendant lights and chandeliers can leave a good impression, but they tend to accumulate dust and insects and are easily damaged. To lessen maintenance, pick rather good quality, functional lighting that is mounted securely against the ceiling. It is also advisable to use light fixtures that make it easy for your tenants to change light bulbs as they need them. Think about also updating the electrical sockets to add extra outlets for mobile phones and other portable devices for an additional useful feature. Not only can this draw the eye of more tenants, but it will prevent issues like blown fuses.

Finally, another effective way to build and own a low-maintenance rental is to have a comprehensive maintenance plan in place. Your maintenance plan must involve both interior and exterior maintenance activities, as well as a schedule of when each task should be fulfilled. Completing routine maintenance every month is vital in preventing excessive emergency repairs and keeping your rental as low-maintenance as possible.

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