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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Client Testimonials

Here’s what our homeowners, investors, tenants and others we serve have to say about Real Property Management West San Fernando Valley. And for the infrequent dissatisfied customer, we promise to do our best to quickly make it right.

Homeowners and Property Investors

‘‘Adel and his company at Real Property Management West San Fernando Valley have done it AGAIN!! From my last comment (dated 5/9/12) Adel has been wonderful at helping us find the perfect tenant to take care of the home I’ve worked very hard to earn and keep. Since then, our home has been beautifully taken care of and I’ve had NO ISSUES with tenants in regards to payments, care of the property, as well as complaints from other neighbors in my living facility that Adel did not personally take care of. Our monthly rent checks were consistently deposited in our checking accounts each month without any delay. There was even a time where Adel (without notifying me UNTIL it was finalized) that our tenant moved out. It took him TWO WEEKS to find a new tenant and our monthly rent check did NOT even skip a beat, securing a new family to care for our property.’’

– Lesslie

‘I am an overseas-based property owner who owns a house in Beverly Hills.  I usually live between Australia and Japan.  This is my first post on Yelp. Owning investment property is sometimes fraught with difficulty. More so if you are overseas.    I cannot recommend Adel Rafaele of Real Property Management highly enough.  When problem situations arise, Adel responds to calls and emails immediately and works tirelessly to exceed expectations. The company’s in-house maintenance crew, led by Jeanette, are deserving of special mention.  They are very competent,  unfailingly polite,  and are capable of performing miracles. Best of all, they show up on time and are completely trustworthy. In short, Adel’s outfit is a one-stop-shop that can more than meet the needs of international investors like myself.  If it helps, the office is multi-lingual -between them, they speak many languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, even Arabic. Keep up the great work guys! PS. This is an unsolicited post.  Anyone who wants more details of my dealings with Adel is more than welcome to contact me directly..’’

 – Property O

‘‘ Real Property Management West San Fernando Valley manages a condo that I rent out and they exceed my expectations. They handle everything that needs to be done and respond promptly. They are also incredibly intelligent about doing things the right way and that is why I hired them. I have already recommended them several times. I can not say enough about them.’’

– Rochelle L.

‘‘ I was looking for property management company to rent my house in a very unique area.  Spoke with a few and settled on Adel who immediately came out to see the house and assess what we could expect as for rent and discuss his fees.  Fees were more reasonable than most property management companies in the area and we took a few days to decide and called him several times.  He answered immediately every time and was very responsive.  Some of the others did not return messages promptly so this was a big plus.  If you can even make immediate contact before you’ve signed on, what can you expect after they have you under contract? The house was rented within two weeks and no fees were charged until the first month’s rent was paid along with deposits.  RPM also uses an online account that was very convenient for me and also for the tenants to report items that needed repairs. If you feel more comfortable dealing with someone that will chit chat with you about the property and do an excellent job, call Tatiana.  If you are like me and are strictly business and would prefer not to spend more than a minute on the phone handling matters, Adel is the one you want to deal with as he knows his market and is direct to the point without a lot of fluff. I declined to renew with RPM after two years because I was planning on not renting the house any longer.  Even after several months have passed, Adel offered to be present when the tenants vacated so that he could advise what damages and repairs the tenants would be responsible for and which ones they would not.  This is completely on his own time and he would have nothing to gain financially from offering that service.  It is simply part of the overall service that RPM provides’’

– J.R 


”I have been a Tenant through Adel at Real Property Management for 2 years now, let me start with that. Having said that, let me also state that this is my very first time renting as an adult with a lease, so obviously first time with a property management company as well. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Adel. He is very reliable and makes the move in process very comfortable. He has been responsible with the property yet remains non-invasive in comparison to plenty of landlord horror stories I have heard about property management companies in the past. Whenever I have a question, Adel is just a text away. He always responds in a timely manner, often times right away! Tatiana is always very professional and eager to answer questions I have about lease renewals or changing names of lessees. The website for RPM is really easy to navigate and it also has a feature for maintenance, which you use to tell RPM what has broken or needs plumbing, and schedule for it to be fixed. All in all, I am completely satisfied by my experience with RPM and I have recently decided to renew my lease for the third year at my wonderful home. I could not have asked for a better first renting experience and doubt my later experiences will measure up to this one, so my next goal is owning a home myself.”

– Amanda T
Reseda CA

”My husband and I just recently moved to the Bay Area and a friend recommended we use this company to rent out our home in the valley. We met with Adel, he was very professional and informative. He promised us we’d have our house rented within 2 weeks and he delivered. He created the owner portal which is an amazing service that kept us informed with everything happening. It’s user-friendly and hassle-free, even for someone like me! I recommend this company to anyone that is playing on renting out their property.”  

– Maggie

”Adel is the best property manager I’ve ever worked with, which is saying a lot since I’ve rented from my own parents! He makes himself and his team available anytime to renters, which is great during emergency situations. Anytime I’ve contacted Adel, he’s always responded within a few hours (if not within the hour). In addition to Adel’s great team, he is up to speed with changing technologies and has an online portal that makes paying rent and submitting requests very easy and straightforward. He goes above and beyond to make sure his renters are satisfied and I would highly recommend renting through him!”

 – Heather

”We are amazed by Adel and his team’s excellent work performance. Adel was available anytime (even weekends and holidays!) and he listened to our concerns well and valid our voices. Adel and his team demonstrated his care with quick response and went beyond our expectation. If you really care about your property, this is the company you can trust. Thank you so much! ”

– 5 Stars Yelp Review

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