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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Property Managers vs Real Estate Agents

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As a property owner in San Fernando Valley, you’ll find yourself in different stages of home ownership. As you consider a property manager and a real estate agent, it’s important to know how one is different from the other. While both handle client representation in the world of real estate, they have different functions and goals. Keep reading to understand which one will most benefit you in your current state of homeownership.

What is a real estate agent?

Listing offers and looking for more – those are the two main services of a real estate agent. They’ll scour the housing market to help you buy or sell the perfect home at the perfect price. This means an agent’s role begins and ends in profits. They work on commission, so while they’re hustling to get you the best deal, they’ll end up taking a sizeable chunk of it. But with the high prices of San Fernando Valley, they’ll have your best interests at heart.

What is property management?

Property Manager Greeting New FamilyA property manager takes away all the hassle of why you might hesitate to be a landlord. They lay down the law when it comes to late rent and eviction. They specialize in managing large portfolios so your tenants’ lives don’t get in the way of your own. They’re your tenant liaison so you can pursue more opportunities and lead a more fulfilling life. Whether you’re a first-time landlord or overseeing multiple properties, all homeowners stand to gain from property management.

What are the extra benefits of property management?

While a real estate agent is there for the good times, a property manager is also there for the hard times. A property manager, like RPM, manages your renter’s experience so you don’t have to. Whether you’re paying off your home or living off it, a property manager allows you to simply reap the rewards. Here’s everything you can expect from a partnership with a property manager over a real estate agent.

  • Marketing: Property managers work to fill your home so you get as much money for as much time as possible. From advertising exposure to advising you in competitive market rates, we do everything to make your property more visible.
  • Tenant Screening: Property managers also work to make sure tenants will stay put – from checking credit to criminal history. Whether you live remote, travel often, or own multiple properties, we’ll handle the face-to-face and behind-the-scenes of prospective tenants.
  • Full-Service Leasing: Once you approve the tenant, property managers can do the showings, the move-in assessments, and sign over the property. You’ll be able to review all deposits and fees.
  • Diligent Rent Collection: Property manager make sure no rent is late or missing, and if it is, they take due course of action. We’re your property’s accountant, complete with itemized statements and tax documents.
  • Strict Evictions: Property managers treat your property like it’s their own, meaning they don’t want anyone living there who would diminish your mutual investment. RPM will even pay for the process to evict a wrongful tenant under our eviction protection plan.
  • Property Inspections: Property managers assess properties to look for complete code compliance. We’ll find anything wrong with a home before a tenant does. And then we’ll fix it.
  • Discounted Maintenance: Through a property manager, homeowners have access to professional equipment and services through 24/7 emergency maintenance staff.

Want the full list of benefits that RPM west San Fernando Valley can provide that a real estate agent can’t? Read through a rundown of our property management services or contact us online today.

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