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How to Ask Your Landlord for New Appliances

Older Woman Doing Laundry with a New ApplianceIf the appliances in your Woodland Hills rental home are outmoded or aren’t working properly, you might be thinking about asking your landlord to replace them. Though you may believe that you have good reasons to ask for new appliances, there are both right and wrong ways to go about it. Before you call or send an email to your landlord with your request, you must make some preparation first. Following a few simple tips, you can craft a request that your landlord will have a hard time saying no to.

Check Your Lease

Before asking your landlord for new appliances, it is necessary to re-read your lease documents. Though the appliance may have come with the house, your lease may specify that your landlord is under no obligation to repair or replace them. Some leases put that responsibility on the tenant instead. Even though your lease states that your landlord isn’t contractually required to replace faulty appliances, you can still consult. You’ll need to tailor your argument with your specific situation in mind.

Check State Law

Landlord-tenant laws differ from state to state. In particular states, the law requires a landlord to keep all of the appliances in good working order – no matter what the lease says. If you dwell in that state, this is information you can use to help you persuade your landlord to replace a broken appliance. Even if your state does not have such a requirement, it’s a big help to have a good working understanding of what the law does and doesn’t cover so that you can include it in your request.

Explain the Benefits – and the Costs

As you prepare to draft your request, allocate some time to develop all the reasons why your landlord should replace an old or broken appliance. Try to look at the scenario from your landlord’s perspective and explain how new appliances will not only make an advantage to you but also offer benefits to your landlord. New appliances often require much less repair than older ones, which will probably save your landlord time and money in the long run. They are much more energy-efficient and may have rebates your landlord can use to save money. You could also signify that new appliances will help your landlord find new tenants more easily after moving out.

Don’t forget to mention your careful observation of the lease terms, your on-time rent payments, and so on. It is also helpful to explain all of the ways that you, the good tenant, have been negatively impacted by the malfunctioning appliance(s). From high utility bills to spoiled food, explain any risks that broken appliances pose to your health and budget. If your landlord understands how unhappy you are with the situation, that might motivate them to agree to your requests.

Offer to Help

Most landlords are very busy and don’t have much time to spend on any one tenant. Make granting your request for new appliances easy by sending along some research on good quality brands and deals on new appliances in your area. You can also offer to help remove and set up the new appliance if you have the skills needed to do so. By approaching your landlord with good information and offers to help, you can give them more good reasons to say yes.

Keep It Reasonable

If you have provided the best arguments and your landlord still refuses to replace the appliances or perhaps claims that they can’t afford to do so, there is one approach that you can try. Try to offer to pay for half of the appliance yourself, mainly if you decide to stay in the rental home for an extended period. If your landlord takes you up on your suggestion, be sure to get all of the details in writing, including the appliance’s total cost. Pick an appliance that is both reasonably priced and good quality – going too extravagant may cause your agreement to end before you get the appliance you want. Once more, being able to recommend a brand and a good bargain at a local store may encourage your landlord to agree to your request.

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